Text Analysis

Best-in-class text analysis

You no longer need to spend hours reviewing data to uncover insights you can use. UserLeap takes the effort out of analysis by surfacing meaningful insights from open text responses, fast and at scale.

Step 1

Launch a UserLeap microsurvey on any platform

True, cross-platform microsurveying with easy-to-install SDKs for web, email, native iOS and native Android. Shareable link microsurveys are an option too.

Step 2

AI analyzes open-ended responses in real-time

UserLeap’s AI model evaluates responses in real-time to find themes unique to each microsurvey and uncovers relevant groupings even without overlapping words or phrases. The model continuously learns and gets smarter with each response.

Step 3

User research experts review responses

Every response is then reviewed by UserLeap’s in-house team of experienced user researchers. Our customers rely on the accuracy of their results, so we strive for perfection with each and every microsurvey.

Step 4

AI recommends where to take action

UserLeap provides more than just analysis -- AI evaluates dozens of dimensions including frequency and sentiment to prioritize the areas that impact users most.

Step 5

Get answers fast

Results are accessible in the UserLeap dashboard in real-time. Insights from the AI analysis and expert review are surfaced within hours and dynamically update as responses are collected and emerging trends solidify into themes.

Qualitative insights, at scale


Visitors tracked


Events tracked


Microsurvey question responses

To do this successfully, we utilize state-of-the-art deep neural networks and have trained our models on billions of external data points and millions of microsurvey responses. We have hundreds of models running on any given day, to ensure we are always providing the most accurate, actionable insights possible.

Kevin Mandich, PhD

VP of Data Science